Urgent Appeal for Assistance: Canadian-Palestinian Family Seeks Aid for Relatives in Gaza

Brand News 24 | March 25, 2024

Hi, my name is Mohammed Altalmas, and I am a Canadian-Palestinian living in Canada. I find myself compelled to seek assistance for a critical and urgent situation that has befallen my family members in Gaza. The harrowing experiences they have endured include witnessing the destruction, death, and hunger of countless families, friends, and neighbors.My aunt's family, consisting of 27 individuals including my aunt and five cousins (11 adults, 16 kids), has faced a series of heart-wrenching challenges. In 2021, some lost their homes and relocated to Tal-Alhawa, only to have it bombarded in October 2023. Following the intense bombings, they sought refuge in my aunt's house after October 7th, but the relentless attacks forced them to move to south Gaza.

Toronto, Canada, March 23, 2024 – Mohammed Altalmas, a Canadian-Palestinian residing in Canada, issues an urgent plea for assistance for his family members facing dire circumstances in Gaza.

Urgent Appeal for Assistance: Canadian-Palestinian Family Seeks Aid for Relatives in Gaza
Mohammed Altalmas reports that his aunt's family, comprising 27 individuals including his aunt and five cousins (11 adults, 16 children), are enduring unimaginable hardships amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Their ordeal began with the loss of their homes in 2021, followed by further displacement due to relentless bombings, forcing them to seek refuge in various areas across Gaza.


On Friday, October 13th, 2023, they were forced to flee under fire, leaving behind all belongings. Months of displacement have left them split between Rafah and Dair-albalah, areas still under constant threat of bombardment. Compounding their struggles, their family business, specializing in solar panels and elevator installation and maintenance, has suffered significant damage, leaving them without a stable source of income.

Currently, they face severe shortages of food, water, and medicine, with no access to essential healthcare or education. Children, particularly infants, are at heightened risk due to the scarcity of baby supplies and healthcare services. Despite efforts to evacuate them to a safer location and pursue visas to Canada through the temporary visa program for Canadians with extended family members in conflict zones, financial constraints pose a significant obstacle.

The Canadian government does not provide financial assistance for evacuees or their families in Canada, leaving Mohammed Altalmas's family responsible for covering all expenses related to evacuation, travel, and settlement in Canada. The total cost for their evacuation, including travel expenses and initial settlement costs, amounts to $278,000 CAD.

Urgent Appeal for Assistance: Canadian-Palestinian Family Seeks Aid for Relatives in Gaza
The situation demands immediate attention and support. Mohammed Altalmas urges the international community to extend assistance to his family and others facing similar hardships in Gaza. Every moment without intervention risks further bloodshed and loss of lives.

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