Hair transplant clinic Rubenhair revolutionary hair loss treatments with genetic tests

Grand News Network | March 12, 2024

Hair transplant clinic Rubenhair revolutionary hair loss treatments with genetic tests

Latvia, 12th Mar 2024, King NewsWire- Hair transplant clinic Rubenhair, based in Latvia specializes in high-quality hair and eyebrow transplantation using the manual FUE method - hair transplantation with follicle extraction, also beard and mustache correction, hair treatment, hairline and thickness restoration. Hair transplant clinic Rubenhair provides high-quality, visible, natural, and reliable results for both men and women.

The hair clinic Rubenhair ensures the highest quality in genetic test interpretation and provides precise results for treatment, patients will be the first to benefit, as it will assist healthcare professionals in making the best possible treatment decisions. It is a leading clinic in Latvia and worldwide known for its innovative hair loss prevention solutions. 

Rubenhair clinic's expertise in hair loss treatment and modern genetic hair loss testing has created a revolutionary approach for hair loss prevention with personalized medication formulas.

TrichTest hair loss genetic test provides personalized treatment recommendations for patients with scalp or hair problems, such as androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, and telogen effluvium. It combines genetic data with the patient's medical history and potential contraindications to select the most suitable medications and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The NutriGen genetic test offers insights into patients' metabolism, providing guidance on lifestyle changes that are best for weight management and overall improvement, such as adjusting food intake and recommending personalized dietary supplements.

Hair transplant clinic Rubenhair revolutionary hair loss treatments with genetic tests

The TeloTest genetic test offers the most suitable formula recommendations to delay the aging process.

The AcneTest genetic test provides personalized recommendations for acne treatment to achieve optimal results by combining genetic data with the patient's medical history.

The FillerTest genetic test determines whether a patient has a high (positive) or low (negative) risk of immune reactions to filler injections.

The revolutionary hair loss approach of hair transplant clinic Rubenhair is the result of a shared vision to provide personalized and effective treatment solutions for people facing hair loss problems, excess weight, aging delay, acne treatment, and immune reaction determination to filler injections. By utilizing the advantages of the latest genetic testing technologies, it will be possible to identify the root causes of hair loss for each individual, allowing Rubenhair clinic’s specialists to develop personalized treatment plans and medications.

With an unwavering commitment to being at the forefront of scientific development, hair transplant clinic Rubenhair represents a significant step forward in the field of hair loss treatments, accessible to everyone.

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